Parenting a spectrum of girls

In Her Own Words

I hung up my phone from checking my messages.

“Who was that, Mommy?”

“Oh, just your doctor’s office calling to remind me of your appointment next Tuesday.  You remember the doctor that gave us the medicine you take?”

“Yeah, I remember.  Why do I have to go back?”

“Well, it’s just to talk to us and see you and make sure the medicine is working.”

“Is the medicine working?”

“Yes, it’s working very well.”

“How do you know it is working?”

“Well, because you’re happy now.  You’re not angry or worried all the time.”

“Yeah, the medicine’s working.  I can tell.  Because I can think now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can think now.  Like, I can think about all kinds of different things, and I can think about what is good and what is bad and choose to do the good thing.  I can think about things I am supposed to do and everything.”

“What about before the medicine?”

“I just couldn’t think about anything before the medicine, I couldn’t think at all.  Now I can think and choose things and everything.”

Wow…not just that she feels that way and can feel the difference, but that she could express that!  I was so completely amazed.  🙂


Comments on: "In Her Own Words" (7)

  1. Amanda Hazelett/Kane! said:

    Love it! Amazing! Fabulous! Wonderful! Tear jerking! I could honestly go on and on! I’m so happy for you, her, her sisters, Russell, and her again!!!
    I’ve got a giant smile on my face and a tear rolling down my cheek!
    Love love love it!

    • Thank you Amanda. ❤ It still feels a little surreal…I'd say I have my little girl back, but really some ways I'm getting to really meet her for the first time. 🙂

  2. What an amazing post … I have a 3-yr old Aspie boy & he says to me that “life is difficult for me sometimes…” I’m happy to have found your blog!

  3. WOO! That’s awesome! Praise God….seriously…Praise GOD!

  4. That is just wonderful. Having the best of her back, and meeting beautiful aspects of who your daughter is for the first time all in one… I love it. ❤

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