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Sick day

My poor M.  Today she is sick.  She woke up at 3am sick to her stomach and was up much of the night.  Finally this afternoon she was able to keep down Pedialyte and saltine crackers.  M rarely gets sick, I think it has been close to a year since she has had more than a slight stomach and headache.  Surprisingly she did ok with being sick, at least the actual physical part of not feeling well.

It might not have been more than an annoyance and inconvenience for her, except it was about the very worst day she could have been sick.  Today M was supposed to have a play date with her best friend.  And to make it worse, last night she had just bought them both Best Friend necklaces (adorable “mood” horse necklaces).  She was so looking forward to spending time with her bud, whom she only sees on these special play dates.  We try to have them once a month or so but we are all so busy it doesn’t always work out.  My poor girl, as soon as she got me up and we were sitting in the bathroom, she started sobbing saying “I want to see [my best friend]!”

Of course, being a concrete thinker, everything has to have a reason.  No matter how many times I explained to her that it was just bad luck, and that she just got some germs somewhere that made her sick, she kept trying to figure out exactly WHO made her sick.  And when she couldn’t figure it out she decided to blame God.  “Why doesn’t God want me to see my best friend?  Why did he make me be sick?  God hates me!”  When I told her mom, her best friend was also very sad that they could not see each other today, and both girls were sobbing.  I felt awful.  She also kept begging me to let her go anyway.  She kept asking why she could not go, and I kept explaining that she was contagious and did not want to get her best friend sick.  Of course she did not see that logic, because since she was already sick she didn’t see why it mattered if her friend was sick, too.  Fortunately by the afternoon M was still sad but not so totally obsessed and upset about not seeing her friend.  I think she realized that she was still not feeling well and that it really was not an option today.

Not feeling well and the inability to do anything other than lay on the couch watching movies and playing board games was tough on M, who requires a lot of movement to keep herself calm.  She did really well, though, all things considered.  I am glad that sickness does not come often for my sweet M, and that when it does she is able to handle it better than I would expect.  Now we pray no one else in the household gets sick!

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  1. Aww, I’m sorry the playdate was postponed. That had to be really hard on the girls (but I doubt her friend would have appreciated getting sick if you had gone!) Hope she feels better. 🙂

  2. We had a terrible tummy bug that cycled through- twice! Hoping you have better luck! Secretly, I sometimes like when they are sick- but only because they will let me hold them again 🙂 I know affection doesn’t come often for you and M… hopefully you were able to sneak in a couple cuddles! Hugs Mama!

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