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Odds & Ends

I have so much to write about.

It has been such a full, hectic week.

I have not written the last two days, and I must write today.  I will write more on these topics later, but for tonight, here is a snapshot of what has happened in our family this week.

Tuesday night (Wednesday morning) I went to bed at 1am…end of the semester, so I was up doing homework.  At 4am my Honey cat woke me up to let me know she was ready to have her kittens, and she wanted me with her!  She had 4 beautiful kittens.  We love them so much, but taking care of the mama and babies is proving to be more difficult than I expected.  She keeps trying to hide them inside our box springs!


Yesterday, M`s glasses came in.  Today she got to wear the to school for the first time and said she was able to see better and her eyes didn’t hurt as much.  They look amazing, too.  Hopefully this is an answer we have been praying for, to make school easier and more enjoyable for M.


Also yesterday, A had her first soccer practice.  This is her first time participating in a sport, and I am a little worried about her asthma.  Yesterday was great, though.  She loved it, her best friend is on her team, and she did a great job.  Maybe she will be a super star like her sister!  Then again, she sure enjoyed socializing and goofing off.  I do love that she is her own unique, wonderful person.


And tonight we got to celebrate K by attending the Carson Scholar’s banquet, as she is a 3 time scholar (she has been recognized every year possible.)  This year she even got her picture taken with Dr. Carson and he signed her copy of Gifted Hands.  He is such a wonderful, inspirational person.  This scholarship takes into account academics (scholars must have at least a 3.75 gpa with recommendations from teacher and principal), extra curricular activities and most of all, “great humanitarian work”.  I am so proud of my first born daughter.


So that is a highlight of the biggest events of our week.  It has been quite exciting at our house.  We are hoping for a calmer weekend!

Pet Therapy


A & me with Vienna

I am a cat person.  For a long time I pestered my husband to get a cat, but he claimed allergies and a general dislike for the animals, so we never got one.  I am not much of a dog person and with both of us working a dog was not a great choice for our family (especially since hubby insists we can only have a BIG dog, and we have small children who were terrified of dogs anyway.)

Actually, M was terrified of all animals, and A was petrified of dogs.  I really felt that getting a cat would be good for the girls, especially M.  I also wanted one for my own selfish reasons…not only had I grown up with cats, but I suffer from time to time from Anxiety disorder and anxiety attacks, and felt a pet would really help soothe me.  Eventually, he agreed to let us get a cat.

January 2012 (K’s 10th birthday actually) I took the girls to visit a local no-kill shelter where a friend volunteered.  At first M was terrified.  There were many cats wandering about and they are quiet, so she thought they were sneaking up on her (planning to do what I am not sure).  She screamed and hid behind me a lot.  Finally one of the volunteers coaxed the girls over to pet Vienna, a beautiful, calm, friendly girl.  I had let them know ahead of time I wanted an adult female who would tolerate our loud & chaotic home.  After a while of some gentle talking and petting, the girls agreed we should take Vienna home with us.

She couldn’t have been a better fit for our family.  Everyone got used to each other quickly, and she calmly let the girls carry her around, push her in the doll stroller, whatever they wanted.  She also has an amazing sense of when someone is sick or sad, and she cuddles with that person.  I have seen her many times go to M when she is upset and having a meltdown and just lay on her and purr.  Even better, after adding Vienna to our family the girls were no longer afraid of any animals!  A now adores dogs and goes up and pets them at every opportunity, and M loves hanging out with my mom’s dogs and helping take care of them.  Vienna even won over my husband.  In fact, she prefers him & M as her people.

July 2012, after much pleading, my husband let us add a second cat, Honey, to our family.  She was a cat born to a feral in a friend’s neighborhood and seemed to want a home.  She was not a good fit for my friend’s home and she was looking for someone to give the young cat a chance.  At first Honey was very timid and stayed in one room of the house, but after 3-4 months she started to warm to us and became part of the family as well.  She has made herself my cat, but the girls adore her as well as she is very sweet and gentle.  I think of her as my baby.

I began to volunteer with the shelter where we got Vienna, doing adoption booths at local stores.  I love it, though right now I don’t do it too often since we have been busy and the girls need my time.  Finally, this January, I found out that a cat I had fallen in love with named Recycle (because he had been found in a dumpster, sent to be euthanized then saved by a woman from the shelter we got Vienna at) was available for adoption, and we took him home as well.  He has made himself K’s cat and prefers her over everyone else. 

3 might seem like a lot of cats; growing up I had 3 cats and it feels like a completion to our family.  They have all been wonderful for our girls, and calming for M.  The girls each have jobs: K cleans the litter boxes, M gives them water and A feeds them.  I think it is also great for them that they all have jobs that not only help around the house but are caring for other living beings that depend on them.  Some people have therapy dogs, we have therapy cats.  Some might say we rescued our cats, but I think they rescued us. 


Honey & Recycle

Thankfulness- Day 2

For day 2 of my 30 days of Thanksgiving I chose my furbabies:


Vienna cat and…


Honey cat.

I grew up with cats…my parents had show cats that they also bred.  (Siamese cats, at that).  I loved my cats and though we later had dogs, I was never much of a dog person.  I like how cats are independent & are content to curl up on your lap & don’t lick or jump on you.  My husband, on the other hand, claims to be allergic (ie he doesn’t like cats 😉 ) 
As you may know, I have struggled myself with depression and anxiety since childhood.  Eventually we both decided that it would be good for me and good for the girls to get a cat, so last year on K’s birthday, off we went to Companion Cats to find an adult female cat that could tolerate our sometimes loud & chaotic home.  There we found Vienna, a sweet 2 year old lady who liked to play and be cuddled.  Vienna (the girls decided to keep her name from the shelter) is THE perfect cat.  She lets the girls carry her around & treat her like a doll.  She always sleeps with whoever needs her the most, and she is the most laid back, sweet kitty there is.  In her picture, she is sleeping on M’s lap after she curled up on our old glider in the basement following a huge meltdown this summer.

Since that turned out so well…about 6 months later I was able to convince hubby to let me take in a1 year old female feral kitty that a friend was trying to find a home for.  She was pretty aloof for a while, but she is finally running freely throughout the house and cuddling on my lap when I sit on the couch.  The girls decided to name her Honey because of her orangey-and-white coloring.  A isn’t brave enough to pick her up yet (she is learning how to be gentle with her claws…we don’t declaw our cats), and K doesn’t play with the cats as much, so she is pictured with M.

These sweet kitties have truly become part of our family, and I am grateful for how great they have been for me and the girls.  M & A used to be afraid of animals, but they aren’t anymore.  In fact, A is the first one to ask to pet someone’s dog.  And my husband has grown pretty fond of them, too…with no allergy trouble.  🙂

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