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Thankfulness- Day 6


I didn’t want to be cliche, but it’s true…today I am thankful for the right and freedom to vote…especially as a woman.  It is important for us to remember where we came from, to give us clarity moving forward.  Women used to get beaten for trying to vote.  Women were not people, they did not have rights.  We talk now about other cultures and countries and how they are so backward, because women don’t have the right to education, voting, and so on…but we forget that we are not so far past that.  A woman still more often than not makes less than a man for doing the same job.

I also have so many other freedoms I am thankful for…the freedom to have as many children as I choose, or to have them at all (even as recently as the 60s states were performing sterilization on people against their will), the freedom to marry whom I choose (because I happen to be heterosexual…not so long ago people thought allowing interracial marriage was unnatural & would open the doors for all kinds of disruptions in families and the institution of marriage…which didn’t happen), the right to have a job and to go to school…and the right to write this blog and say what I believe.

And what I believe is that we can make a difference in this world not by bullying people, making them feel like lesser than everyone else for their choices and mistakes, or judging, but by loving.  By being a light on the hill, not the strong arm of the law.

I have many friends who do not feel the same way I do…I still respect them and love them, and agree to disagree.  That is what makes our country good…the right to think, say, feel, and vote what you want, and to not have to be at war with each other about it…to have the right to choose to be happy instead of angry, no matter what the outcome.  Even if none of my choices for offices wins, I am happy…because democracy wins, either way.

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